My Green Box The Greenish Affair
My Green Box The Greenish Affair

My Green Box

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Mother Nature is the best teacher and kids who are engaged in gardening grow up into more environmental conscious individuals.

 “My Green Box” is especially curated for kids of age 2+ and onwards

Through this box you are not only getting the most rewarding hobby for your kids but also investing in an activity which will be for the whole family to enjoy together.

“My Green Box” can be enjoyed to grow microgreens which are super easy and is loaded with nutrients. (harvest time 10-15days)

The same kit can be further used to grow vegetable/flowering plants which can be truly rewarding! (harvest/flowering time 2-3 months)

A great gift idea to imbibe some essential life skills in your little ones

Each Kit contains:

  • 2 x Biodegradable coir pots
  • 2 x Coco Coir Grow Discs
  • 2x Wooden Name Tags
  • 2 x Packets of Seed (above varieties)
  • 1 x Double Sided Instructions
  • 1X Plant food
  • 1x Kids’s gardening tool


KIDS who are engaged in gardening have-

Better immunity- Touching the soil adds up to the immunity of kids

Refined Fine Motor Skills- Planting, Harvesting, Repotting are the activities that enhances motor skills in kids 

Teaches Patience- Gardening is full of life lessons! Kids or even adults who are surrounded with plants are calmer and more productive.

Enhances Knowledge- Gardening is an excellent way to teach your kids about the food, environment and sustainability. 

Health Benefits of Microgreens

Microgreens are cut to eat immediately so they retain more nutrients than shop-bought veg.

The nutrient content differs between vegetables but they all contain good amounts of essential vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, all excellent for health and immunity. 

They are quick & easy to grow (ready to eat within days or a fortnight depending on type), packed with nutrients and thrive on any sunny windowsill all year round.

Delivery Time : 7-10 Days